Move MDaemon to Another Server

Your old PC used for MDaemon is too slow and you need to replace it with a new faster one. Now you have prepared the new PC, but how to move your MDaemon installation to the new PC smoothly??

The steps to do it is:

  1. Change MDaemon setting from "Run as Service" to "Run as Application", use menu Setup - System Service Settings
  2. Deactivate MDaemon license, use menu Help - Deactivate Your Software
  3. Shutdown MDaemon
  4. Copy the entire MDaemon directory from the old machine to the new one. Ensure it is copied into the exactly same directory structure (for example, MDaemon in the old machine was installed in C:\MDaemon, thus the new machine must use the same directory also)
  5. Install MDaemon in the new PC using the same directory as the old machine.
    Note: You should never use different directory, otherwise your MDaemon will not work properly.
  6. Start MDaemon and check whether everything is Ok :-)
  7. Change MDaemon setting from "Run as Application" to "Run as Service"
  8. Activate MDaemon license, use menu Help - Activate Your Software