Welcome to Hianoto.net - my personal website. It contains my personal thoughts on IT areas. Currently I am interested in programming (Clipper and Delphi), system administration (Windows and MDaemon), financial planning, and food/culinary.

It is now my third generation website. The first generation was written in 1995, but it was very awful. Then I wrote the second generation in year 2000 using PHP. It employed some modular approaches to simplify the development and make it consistent. However it was still not good enough for me. I decided to use CMS for my website, but I could not find any CMS suitable for me, until I found CMS Made Simple. It is a simple CMS, really suits my personal taste, and I simply could not resist to install and use it right away (although it is version 0.11.2); in fact, it is for the very first time I use a version 0.x software in a production environment.

Hopefully by using CMS, I can have simpler way to update my website content; thus I can put more time in adding some articles and updating my website more frequently. If you still want to see the previous version, then you can browse http://hianoto.net/ver1/.

Yours faithfully,