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Welcome to - my personal website. It had been a long time for me to develop a personal website; I actually had written my first web project in 1995, but it was very awful therefore I dumped that project :) But now, I cannot resist due to the globalization and to fulfill my dream to publish my workings publicly. Hopefully you could find something useful and let me know your comments and suggestions.

Yours faithfully,

Although I have a limited web programming knowledge, however I develop several websites as follows:

  • Cakra Solusi Pratama: A technology vendor specializes in custom software development and gadgets for your mobile connectivity
  • Delphindo: The biggest Delphi/Kylix Community in Indonesia and gets official supports from Borland Singapore

    What's New

    February 26, 2006
    Migrate to the newer version of All new updates will be implemented in the new version only. Please update your bookmark. Thanks for your support all this time.

    December 16-18, 2004
    Once again, this website is migrated from to Thanks to MasterWebNetwork and Steven Haryanto for their good services during these years, and thanks to WHPlus for arranging a smooth migration. If you sent me an e-mail during this period, please resend for ensuring my receipt, sorry for the inconveniences.

    October 19, 2004
    I finally doing blogs for recording my personal opinions and thoughts as a media to express myself and learn how to write well. You can read my blogs in

    August 7, 2004
    I reorganized my Gadgets page and also added CEC (Computer Executive Club) Semarang in this website.

    January 16, 2004
    I have updated the information on ICG 2003, you can read what happened on that day, who attended, the photographs, and also the most important, you can see the actual presentations given on that day.

    April 1, 2003
    I put two Delphi articles published in Mikrodata for you to read, just browse my Delphi section

    March 3, 2003
    I added my presentation about "Bluetooth and GPRS" here.

    February 28 - March 6, 2003
    This website is migrated from to Thanks to Bisnisweb for their good services during these past 2 years, and thanks to MasterWebNetwork for arranging a smooth migration. If you sent me an e-mail during this period, please resend for ensuring my receipt, sorry for the inconveniences.

    February 7, 2003
    Yeah I know, it's been a long time for me not updating this website; but here I am starting a new section called Mobile Technology. I plan to put my tips and tricks in this brand new Mobile Technology world. Stay tuned for forthcoming updates!

    June 28, 2002
    I rewrote my page about the personal books listing, it is now converted to data-driven method using nice PHP functions :-)

    June 2, 2002
    Well, I would like to inform you that my webhosting company moved my website to other location, therefore if you sent me e-mails within May 29 to June 2, 2002; please resend it again because I might not receive your mail properly :-( Sorry for the inconvenience.

    May 4, 2002
    I finally managed to complete my page about Vicky Zhao, it was a very though job, and I do hope you can share more info and photos of her with me.

    April 22, 2002
    While working on Marco Cantù's Essential Pascal translation project, I was inspired to put my yet-to-publish book on Advanced Clipper Programming subject to web-format, allowing Clipper community to read this book thoroughly and give me your valuable inputs. The book is titled "Lebih Lanjut dengan Clipper" (or "Further with Clipper"), however this book is published in Indonesian language first, then I will find spare time to translate it into English; therefore you hardly can find the book's content in English version.

    April 1, 2002
    No, it's not April Fool :-) But I got the permission from Marco Cantù to translate his excellent Essential Pascal to Indonesian language. Well this translation project is still going on, but since it is a voluntary work, I cannot give a specific date as the deadline. Your inputs are most welcome. Thanks to Marco for his kindness.

    March 23, 2002
    I finally managed to collect the data of my personal books, it is not fully completed yet, however it helps me to prevent duplicate items when I buy books.

    August 30, 2001
    I implemented a simple URL adding and deleting method, using PHP and MySQL. This is my first experience programming MySQL in website and hopefully it will broaden my mind and be utilized more in the future.

    June 30, 2001
    Well, thanks God for giving us a healthy boy. He was born in RS Bunda - Semarang, with 51 cm height and 3,400 grams weight. We named him "Brian Thadius Santoso", hopefully God grants him a joyful life, full with God's blessings.

    June 19, 2001
    I would like to share my programming techniques by exposing my real-world source codes. I am starting from my Data Dictionary and hopefully can cover most aspects of my applications

    October 10, 2000
    I changed my mind to release my dTBx library as a shareware library. Instead, I am releasing it as an Open Source Library. Please watch the update so you can obtain the latest version immediately.

    October 7, 2000
    Download center for ClipVoice - Voice Processing Library for Clipper and Dialogic, released as Open Source library from Gordon Hamm and Peter Steele. Caution: The authors will not provide support, but since the source code is available, you could check by yourself. Special thanks to Neil Kingsley from Mythologics.

    September 19, 2000
    Become Amazon Associates, get your IT-specific books here. Read the recommended books in Delphi, WinNT, and others sections

    September 18, 2000
    Migrate the infrastructure to PHP usage, so please update your bookmark because there is no index.html anymore :)

    September 6, 2000
    Prepare the bi-lingual mode, this website is available in English (default) and Indonesian.

    September 1, 2000
    Bought a new domain, and migrated to a professional webhosting company to provide better and faster access to IT community.

    August 16, 2000
    The initial starting of this website, quite primitive and still a lot of improvements are needed :P

  • News

    Dale Fuller in FastCompany Magazine!
    Read how Dale Fuller rebuild Borland with his dramatic moves in the FastCompany magazine.

    New Agreement on VO and Clipper
    On April 22, 2002, GrafXSoft have reached a Development, Licensing, and Marketing Agreement with Computer Associates (CA) for two of their software development languages - CA-Clipper and CA-Visual Objects. The CA logo will remain on the package, but the design, development, testing, and marketing of both products are now controlled by GrafXSoft. Despite changes in CA's development master plan, CA recognizes that CA-Visual Objects is an important and widely used Windows development tool and is acting to continue active development through this agreement.
    Read the GrafXSoft's Press Release
    Also read the FAQ about future direction of VO by Tom Walden at CA-World

    IQuator Bridge and ClipperXML
    There is a new technology enabling us to:

  • Add a Web front-end to our legacy CA-Clipper applications
  • Add real-time inter-operability to our Clipper, Delphi, and Visual Basic applications
  • Add SQL RDBMS support to Clipper

    And there is a FREE tools to access XML from Clipper! Just download the IQ XML DOM for CA-Clipper, and you can create and load XML documents right there in Clipper.
    Visit for further info.

    dTBx Open Source
    You can download dTBx, my Open Source TBrowse Extender. It is a beta version for the Open Source, because I need to eliminate its dependency to my commercial libraries. Use this library with your own risk.

    ClipVoice was a well-known Voice Processing for Clipper and Dialogic. However, its author - Gordon Hamm and Peter Steele - has generously dedicated this library as Open Source and available with no cost to Clipper community.
    Caution: The authors will not provide support, but since the source code is available, you could check by yourself.
    I hereby express my special thanks to both of them and Neil Kingsley from Mythologics.
    Download ClipVoice now

    A technology breakthrough in Clipper world, PageScript enables you to use any Windows printers within your Clipper applications, including the bells-and-whistles of GUI printing. It will be installed as Windows Printer Driver, and you need to link the PageScript library into your application. Of course the conversion will not run automatically, you still need to code the report, image, graph printing routines, but YES, it is possible in Clipper NOW !!
    Visit for further info.

    Another breakthrough, you can connect to Oracle, SQL Server, and SQL Anywhere from your Clipper applications !! A Server with Windows NT or Netware is required as the Mediator's Server, and a Clipper RDD is provided.
    Visit their website in

    Disclaimer: I am not currently a Reseller of the libraries or utilities I specified above, but I would like to share the news update to you :)

  • dTBx Mailing List

    Here, you can get the updated news and discussion about dTBx programming by subscribing to dTBx Mailing List. Since dTBx is released to the international Clipper community, I encourage the usage of English language, however, Indonesian language is not prohibited.

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    Note: From the Brainbench website, it seems my Excel 97 Certification is not displayed.. But I think nobody will ask my certification about Excel <g>, so forget about this Excel cerfication, Ok?