Move MDaemon Installation Path/Directory

You may ask why you want to move your MDaemon installation path/directory?? Well, perhaps you need to move it to a newer, bigger, and faster HDD; or you may want to separate it from HDD which contains the Operating System. The question is how to move the installation path/directory??

  1. Export the accounts to a text file. From MDaemon's GUI, choose Accounts - Exporting - Export accounts to a comma delimited file - OK. The file will be kept in \MDaemon\App\Accounts.csv
  2. Stop MDaemon service
  3. Update the settings. Use a good text editor, update any references to the old installation path to reflect the new one in each of the following files:
    • \MDaemon\App\Accounts.csv
    • \MDaemon\App\CFilter.ini
    • \MDaemon\App\MDaemon.ini
    • \MDaemon\App\MDSTATS.INI
    • \MDaemon\App\AUTORESP.DAT
    • \MDaemon\App\GATEWAYS.DAT
    • \MDaemon\SpamAssassin\rules\
    • \MDaemon\WebAdmin\webadmin.ini
    • \MDaemon\WorldClient\Domains.ini
    • \MDaemon\WorldClient\WorldClient.ini
    • any .GRP files that reference support files
  4. Empty the UserList.dat by renaming the file \MDaemon\App\UserList.dat to (for safety reason)
  5. Start MDaemon service
  6. Import the accounts. From MDaemon's GUI, choose Accounts - Importing - Import accounts to a comma delimited file. Specify the Accounts.csv you created in step 1.