DOS Error 4

I have a DOS Error 4 when running my Clipper application. What is it?? How to solve that??

DOS Error 4 means there is not enough file handles for your applications. The solutions are simple (depending on your Windows version). Basically you just have to increase your FILES= setting in CONFIG.SYS and increase the number in Clipper environment variable SET CLIPPER=Fnnn or if you have Blinker, you can simply burn in the setting in the executable itself, using BLINKER EXECUTABLE CLIPPER //F:nnn. Read your Blinker manual for further information. Things become more complicated if you are using Windows NT, 2000, or Millennium Edition (ME); where CONFIG.SYS is not functioning at all.

If you use NT or 2000, set the FILES= in %systemroot%\system32\config.nt; i.e. C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32\CONFIG.NT

But if you use ME version, you should edit C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM.INI in

Note: Please replace all references of "nnn" with the maximum number of files you estimate. Remember, DOS reserves 5 file handles for its own usage.