Divide by Zero Error

Do you wonder why your Clipper applications could not run in the new fast processors (Celeron, Pentium II/III/IV, AMD, Cyrix, etc)?? Once I met an IT Manager in Jakarta, he was about to send back the newly ordered PCs since the mission-critical applications written in Clipper could not run on it. Luckily I explained to him how to solve this problem. Actually the solution is very simple, by linking in __wait_b.obj you could solve this problem easily. However, a lot of Clipperhead used the wrong solution by using __wait_4.obj found in CA-Clipper 5.3x; and sometimes the same error occurs. Take my word, use __wait_b.obj instead of __wait_4.obj will solve it forever.

What is the technical explaination behind it?? Internally, during application start-up, Clipper put a small code to calculate the delay factor according to the speed of the processor in which it is running. However, due to recent technology in fast processors, Clipper wrongly calculate the delay factor to 0, therefore an error of "Divide by zero" will occur.

Download __wait_b.obj now.