Compile Switches

I strongly recommend you to use /m /n /w /es2 when developing Clipper applications. Well, I know it should be very tough when you just migrated to Clipper 5.x, because it won't forgive you for doing minor error, i.e. typing mistakes in variable/field name, not declaring variables or fields, etc.

Switch Description
/m Compile current module only, therefore you should use Make program such as RMake, MS Make, MakForce, etc
/n Suppress automatic procedure definition (with the same name as the PRG file), which enables you to utilize file-wide Static variables; but you are forced to declare the procedure or function explicitly
/w Allow Clipper to display warnings on ambiguous variables references
/es2 Ask Clipper not to generate .OBJ file and set DOS errorlevel upon exit, if any warnings or errors are encountered during compilation

Of course, you can use additional Clipper switches, i.e. if you use some manifest constants like this code fragment:

// Compile switch 
clipper Test /m /n /w /es2 /dSIXCDX
// In the source code (Test.prg)
#ifdef ADS
  #include ""
  #include ""
function Test()
  use Invoice
  index on Invoice->InvNo tag InvNo
return nil